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Upright log splitter H12 / H20 / H27 superspeed

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Splitting force: 12 t (H12) – 20 t (H20) – 27 t (H27)
Splitting length: 115 cm

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Our upright log splitter superspeed H12 | H20 | H27


For the smooth production of firewood, the metre splitter is your essential equipment. That is why we are constantly developing our machines. Combined with our many years of experience, our machines stand out in terms of efficiency and durability.


Clear ideas

Moreover, our customers have clear ideas when using aupright log splitter superspeed. In other words, the firewood logs should be split as quickly, safely and easily as possible. Furthermore, splinter waste should be reduced to a minimum. For this reason, we have technical refinements. For example, the turntable at the bottom of the upright splitter. This allows the splitting wedge to split along the wood fibre, making the work much easier. You are also well equipped with the standard 2-hand operation. This means you are optimally prepared for medium and high demands of firewood preparation. Furthermore, heavy logs can be effortlessly brought into the correct splitting position by the log lifter of the superspeed upright splitter.


Wood clamping system

The ingenious log clamping system ensures optimum positioning of the logs with just one movement of the hand. In other words, the log clamping system allows the log to be fixed securely and hands-free. The extended splitting wedge automatically re-engages in the splitting knife system during the splitting process. Therefore, it is immediately ready for the next log.



As you can see, you will find a wide range of accessories for your upright log splitter superspeed at Binderberger. For example, the integrated cable winch via radio controls to the splitting table for a splitting length of 55cm. Basically, you can customise every machine to suit you.

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Typen Vor 1 cm/sec Vor 2 cm/sec Zurück cm/sec Gewicht kg
H12 Z Vor 1 cm/sec : 25 Vor 2 cm/sec: 53 Zurück cm/sec: 47 Gewicht kg: 330
H12 E Vor 1 cm/sec : 15 Vor 2 cm/sec: 33 Zurück cm/sec: 29 Gewicht kg: 340
H12 EZ Vor 1 cm/sec : 15/25 Vor 2 cm/sec: 33/53 Zurück cm/sec: 29/47 Gewicht kg: 370
H20 Z Vor 1 cm/sec : 22 Vor 2 cm/sec: 39 Zurück cm/sec: 51 Gewicht kg: 550
H20 E Vor 1 cm/sec : 11 Vor 2 cm/sec: 20 Zurück cm/sec: 26 Gewicht kg: 530
H20 EZ Vor 1 cm/sec : 11/22 Vor 2 cm/sec: 20/39 Zurück cm/sec: 26/51 Gewicht kg: 615
H27 Z Vor 1 cm/sec : 16 Vor 2 cm/sec: 24 Zurück cm/sec: 43 Gewicht kg: 600
H27 E Vor 1 cm/sec : 10 Vor 2 cm/sec: 16 Zurück cm/sec: 28 Gewicht kg: 665
H27 EZ Vor 1 cm/sec : 10/16 Vor 2 cm/sec: 16/24 Zurück cm/sec: 28/43 Gewicht kg: 650

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