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Tractor manure mixer

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Up to 60 PS tractor   ► 2 blender blades
Up to 100 PS tractor ► 3 blender blades
From 100 hp tractor  ► 4 blender blades

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Our tractor manure mixer

Optimally equipped

Our manure mixer achieves an optimal mixing result with its toothed mixer blades. In addition, the various lengths and sizes allow it to be used in almost all slurry pits. Finally, in order to be able to enter even very small pit openings, a swing-out device is fitted as standard. Nevertheless, a mechanical or a hydraulic swing-in aid can also be used as optional equipment. In order to achieve a relatively long service life despite the difficult environment, the mixer linkage is guided by wooden plain bearings. It is driven by the power take-off shaft of a tractor.


Facilitates your everyday handling

In addition to the chassis, you can add further accessories to Binderberger tractor manure mixer to make everyday handling on your farm easier. For example, you can rely on a hydraulic swivelling aid with a single or double-acting cylinder or use an integrated cable winch as a swivelling aid. A reversing gearbox and various drive shafts round off our accessories.

We are constantly developing our machines. Accordingly, combined with our many years of experience, our machines stand out in terms of efficiency and durability. In addition, we maintain close contact and exchange with our customers. This means that we know exactly what is required of you and your manure mixer. In short, turn to us. Then you can experience proven quality for yourself. Of course, we will be happy to advise you on which machines or equipment are perfect for you.


Typen Gewicht kg Mixerlänge
Tractor manure Mixer T403 Gewicht kg: 328kg Mixerlänge: 4m
Tractor manure Mixerr T503 Gewicht kg: 345kg Mixerlänge: 5m
Tractor manure Mixer T603 Gewicht kg: 370kg Mixerlänge: 6m


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