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Shell grapple

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Our Shell grapple

The right attachment for your needs

With a shell grapple from Binderberger you can be sure of proven technology, which guarantees high reliability and efficiency. In addition to the grapple for wood, we also have brushwood grapples, so that the right attachment is available for every type of pick-up. We have many different grapples in our range so that you can choose exactly the grapple that best suits your application. Changing the grapple is absolutely user-friendly and can be done in just a few steps, which makes your work much easier.

Let your grab rotate endlessly!

Equip your grab with one of our rotators. This will make your work extremely easier. Our hydraulic rotators are versatile thanks to their flange mount and can be mounted on any grapple, no matter whether it is a crane or a backhoe grapple. The endless rotation allows a comfortable loading and working with wood. Thanks to the internal hydraulic rotary feed-through, hydraulic lines are protected and compactly installed. The reinforced hose protection prevents damage to the lines. They are specially designed for the forestry sector, thanks to internal overload protection at high external torque (rotating masses). In order to be able to select the right rotator for your needs, we offer you various models with different features. If you are not sure which tool is the right one for you, our customer service will be happy to advise you.

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We are constantly developing our machines. Accordingly, combined with our many years of experience, our machines stand out in terms of efficiency and durability. In addition, we maintain close contact and exchange with our customers. This means that we know exactly what is required of you and your rotator. In short, turn to us. Then you can experience proven quality for yourself. Of course, we will be happy to advise you on which machines or equipment are perfect for you.
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Typen Gewicht kg Min.Ø Flanschmaß Ø
Shell grapple 125 l Gewicht kg: 140kg Min.Ø: 1200mm Flanschmaß Ø: 430mm
Shell grapple 150 l Gewicht kg: 150kg Min.Ø: 1200mm Flanschmaß Ø: 530mm
Shell grapple 175 l Gewicht kg: 160kg Min.Ø: 1200mm Flanschmaß Ø: 630mm
Shell grapple 200 l Gewicht kg: 190kg Min.Ø: 1200mm Flanschmaß Ø: 730mm


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