Horizontal splitter with crane GI33 superspeed

32.820,00 exkl. MwSt zzgl. Frachtkosten

Splitting force: 33 t
Splitting length: 125cm
Hydr. tank: 48l
Transport: chassis
with BK 4 – 6200

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Horizontal splitter with crane GI33 superspeed

The horizontal splitter with crane GI33 superspeed belongs to the latest generation.

With a splitting force of 33 t and the hydraulic lifting frame, they enable the processing of large quantities of firewood with minimum effort. Drive types such as power take-off, electric motor and combination models as well as the optionally available model with chassis make the GIANT suitable for use anywhere and at any time. The hydraulic splitting knife height adjustment makes it very easy to produce logs of identical size.

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Typen Vor 1 cm/sec Vor 2 cm/sec Zurück cm/sec Gewicht kg
GI33 Z / BK 4 - 6200 Vor 1 cm/sec : 15 Vor 2 cm/sec: 24 Zurück cm/sec: 43 Gewicht kg: 2940

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