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Horizontal splitter GI40

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Splitting force: 25/13t
Splitting length: 130 cm
Hydr. tank: 78l

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Our GI40 horizontal splitter


The horizontal splitter GI40 belongs to the latest generation of log splitters. Furthermore, the splitting giant with closed frame is a powerful firewood preparation machine. In other words, it is designed for continuous professional use. As a result, you can split metres of logs within seconds. In short, the splitting giant from Binderberger pushes the wood through a splitting cross with up to 40 tons of splitting force . This allows you to produce a large quantity of firewood in no time at all. Because with a splitting force of 40t and a splitting length of 125cm, splitting your wood is child’s play.



Our horizontal splitter is also available with power take-off, electric motor and as combination models. Furthermore, the Gigant can be used anywhere and at any time thanks to the standard model with chassis. In addition, large quantities of firewood can be processed efficiently with the standard hydraulic lifting cage. In addition, there is the hydraulic splitting knife height adjustment. This ensures a central splitting of logs up to 80 cm in diameter. Accordingly, you can easily produce logs of the same size. In addition, the chassis is part of the basic equipment of this professional machine.



At Binderberger you will find a wide range of accessories for your horizontal splitter. For example, the cable winch with radio control, 750 kg tractive force, 25 m cable, including a gripper or the exchangeable splitting wedge. Just like the optionally available chainsaw and sapphire holder. Basically, you can adapt each machine individually to you and your needs.

We are always developing our machines further. Accordingly, combined with our many years of experience, our machines stand out in terms of efficiency and durability. In addition, we maintain close contact and exchange with our customers. This means that we know exactly what is required of you and your log splitter. In short, contact us to experience proven quality for yourself. With this in mind, we will of course be happy to advise you on which machines or equipment are perfect for you.
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Typen Vor 1 cm/sec Vor 2 cm/sec Zurück cm/sec Gewicht kg
GI40 Z Vor 1 cm/sec : 22 Vor 2 cm/sec: 11 Zurück cm/sec: 34 Gewicht kg: 1740
GI40 E Vor 1 cm/sec : 12 Vor 2 cm/sec: 6 Zurück cm/sec: 8 Gewicht kg: 1800
GI40 EZ Vor 1 cm/sec : 12/22 Vor 2 cm/sec: 6/11 Zurück cm/sec: 8/34 Gewicht kg: 1850

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