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Our grapple tong eco

The right skinning pliers for you.

The latest design for grapple tong eco from Binderberger combines many years of experience with the wishes and ideas of our customers. The visually appealing design scores with its good visibility of the working area and the protected hydraulic hoses as well as the optional control unit inside. Thanks to the various attachments that can be screwed on, the grapple tong eco are also extremely flexible and can be perfectly adapted to your needs and your work equipment. Thanks to the extremely light design, the working behaviour is improved and the usable lifting capacity is increased enormously.

Optimally equipped

The models in the Binderberger range are equipped with a mechanical universal joint. In addition, the most popular equipment variant of our customers is the optionally available endless rotator. Both increase your freedom of movement many times over. Furthermore, an integration of electronic control blocks or a hydraulic extension is available as an equipment variant for most tongs. By the way, to increase your flexibility and performance, you can attach a radio cable winch to every grapple tong.

We are constantly developing our machines. Accordingly, combined with our many years of experience, our machines stand out in terms of efficiency and durability. In addition, we maintain close contact and exchange with our customers. This means that we know exactly what is required of you and your splitter. In short, turn to us. Then you can experience proven quality for yourself. Of course, we will be happy to advise you on which machines or equipment are perfect for you.


Typen Gewicht kg Öffnungsweite Min.Ø Kreuzgelenk
RZ 1200 eco Gewicht kg: 240 Öffnungsweite: 120cm Min.Ø: 10cm Kreuzgelenk: mechanisch
RZ 1400 eco Gewicht kg: 310 Öffnungsweite: 140cm Min.Ø: 10cm Kreuzgelenk: mechanisch
RZ 1600 eco Gewicht kg: 355 Öffnungsweite: 160cm Min.Ø: 10cm Kreuzgelenk: mechanisch


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