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3-point bundling machine eco

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Efficient loading and storage

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Our 3-point bundler eco

Our range includes various hydraulic bundlers.

They differ in their different bundle sizes and weights. This allows you to select the bundler that suits your requirements. But no matter which Binderberger bundler you choose, all models are characterised by their robustness. Furthermore, they are durable, the construction is well thought-out and they are very easy to operate. Furthermore, the working height of our 3-point bundler eco is ideal for convenient and quick bundling of your firewood. This means that you can process your wood without any problems with our bundling devices. Accordingly, our 3-point bundler eco helps you to make your firewood storable and ready for transport.

Ideal complement to the upright splitter

Our wood bundling devices make the processing of your logs particularly easy. That is why they are the ideal complement to all our upright log splitters. In addition, our bundlers are equipped with a stop plate on the back. For this reason, a clean stacking of the logs is guaranteed. Once the device is fully loaded, you can lash the logs together using packing straps or tension belts. Afterwards, you can let the bundle roll out effortlessly with the help of the hydraulic ejector. In addition, our bundlers are equipped with a three-point suspension as standard. They are also equipped with a control unit on the tractor (tractor hydraulics). However, if you would like a control unit on the bundler or a Euro mount, you can of course equip your eco 3-point bundler with these as an option.

Through our many years of experience and close contact and exchange with our customers, we know exactly what is required for timber bundling. Then contact one of our trustworthy trade partners in Austria or Germany to experience tried and tested quality for yourself. They will of course be happy to advise you on which machines or equipment are perfect for you.
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Typen Gewicht kg Bündelgröße
BG 1,0 rm Gewicht kg: 240 Bündelgröße: ø1200 mm
BG 1,4 rm Gewicht kg: 250 Bündelgröße: ø1380 mm

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